Free Circle Profile Picture Photoshop Template

Everyone needs a profile picture. But does yours just fit it? Or does it stand out? Does it look like you know what you're doing?
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Your profile picture is very important in your branding. No matter what you are doing, you want to look professional.  Having your profile picture off center or not showing your entire face could make people tag the wrong profile when sharing your music or follow the wrong account. When you upload the “square” image you need to know where the different platforms will crop the image so it is a circle. If your logo is in the corner of the image it won’t show up. But this template will not only give you a frame to stay inside of but I’ve also added a “stroke” to the frame layer that allows it to look like a circle frame around your image. (See Below)

The free download file is the .zip file for the project which includes every file associated with this project. For more details on the project file, see the description below.

free profile picture photoshop template

Circle Profile Picture Photoshop Template

By CJ Hallock, Founder

License: This template is 100% FREE TO USE FOR COMMERCIAL projects or anything you need it for! You don’t have to tag us or link to us but we would appreciate a shout out!

Download will begin when you click the button.

It’s all fun and games until you get the cease & desist! That’s why I created 90% of the templates that I have! I noticed that you had to either pay designers for everything that you use or do it yourself. 

Over the years I, just like some of you, didn’t know about licensing images like producers do with beats, but that’s exactly what is going on.

So if you need to be sure your profile picture is on point, you need this template!

All templates and trainings with Rap Basics are 100% FREE!


As I said earlier, the project file will be a “compressed” file. The compressed file or “zipped file” (.zip) is single file that can hold multiple files inside of it. Extracting the file will “unlock” the project file & reveal the project folder.

**This project is only the .psd file itself

profile picture templae

What's included in the "Profile Picture Template"?

This is a basic one. What you see is what you get! This doesn’t have a project file because the only thing there is with this is the PSD file.

I hope this has been helpful! If you are looking for a template and don’t think we have it, you can shoot me a tweet @cjhallock and request that I put it together.



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