Hip-Hop Mindset • Feeding Your Mind & Building Confidence For Rappers

The hip-hop mindset is what drives success in the game. Without the right mindset, you are destined to fail. Keep your mindset positive and remember what you are doing this for.
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Last Updated: May 22, 2020

The hip-hop mindset is important and we need to talk about it and what you need to focus on, before we jump into The Academy.

I’ve worked with a ton of rappers/artists over the last 20 years. I’ve seen some of the most amazing talents go to waste.

Some of them couldn’t stand the pressure or the “haters” and just quit.

The biggest thing that separates amazing rappers or hip-hop artists from the guy or girl that had “IT” but never did anything or was never heard, is more than likely a mindset.

It doesn’t matter how you get your mindset right, as long as you do it!

I’ve put up polls to other artists and there are basically 4 different key factors you should know when it comes to your mindset.

4 Mindset Tips To Help Hip-Hop Artists Succeed

Believe In Yourself – I’m sure you’ve heard the old phrase “If you don’t believe in yourself who will?” It is one of the truest phrases. So focus on believing in yourself & if you don’t, start “believing” and do so by doing one small task a day that makes you uncomfortable. You can do it!

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – You don’t know their life. Comparing yourself to someone else in hip-hop is just setting you up for failure. They may have been doing this for years before you started. They might have a budget for a professional studio, engineer & all that. Focus on you and growing every day.

Do The Work Needed To Reach Your Goal – If you aren’t working towards reaching your goal every day it is nothing but a wish. You need to understand the amount of work needed to reach your goal and be happy to do it. If you’re not happy putting in the work, it’s not a strong enough passion for you.

Ignore the Negativity – Look, haters are EVERYWHERE! They are some of your closest friends & family members too! Trust me I get it!

Mental Triggers To Boost Your Hip-Hop Mindset

Listen to the artists who have been where you were and are where you want to be. Regardless of how you feel about RUSS, his view on life and the Law of Attraction is powerful.

He also released a book in November 2019 called “It’s All In Your Head: Get Out Of Your Way”

I do not have the hard copy, I got the audiobook because that’s how I prefer to consume content. Either way, the book isn’t that long. I believe the audiobook is only about an hour and a half.

russ book it's all in your head

If you are thinking you are a hip hop artist/rapper/entertainer or anything even close, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!

Look, I’ve been a student of personal development since 2003. I’ve read the key books, watched the movies/documentaries, done everything I could to continue to grow every day. Hell, I even started a self-help site in 2009 that later became my first personal development book Stay Boosted. Then launched some motivational & inspirational swag on StayBoosted.com.

I said all of that to say this, Russ put the core of all the must-read mindset books together with his story inside of his book. Take the time to read it. (Or listen to it if you’re like me)

Other Recommended Books

Stay Boosted • Reach For The Stars • By CJ Hallock {Yes, these are my books so of course, I’m going to list them 🙂 Wouldn’t you? lol}

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter • By 50 Cent (Just finished this audiobook and going back to start it over)

The 50th Law • By Robert Green & 50 Cent

48 Laws Of Power • The Art Of Seduction • 33 Strategies Of War • By Robert Green

Do You • Super Rich • By Russell Simmons

Motivational hip-hop is always key! You know, those songs that make you feel like King Kong ain’t got shit you!

I have a motivational hip-hop mindset playlist on Spotify called “Hustle Music” if you need one. It was put together for everyone so some may find songs that don’t fit their preferences but you can use it to put your own together if you want.

At the time of writing this it includes almost 150 Songs and is over nine hours long. (If you think you have a song I need to add to it, shoot me a DM on Instagram)

You Have To Feed Your Mind

Long story short, you have to feed your mind the way you feed your body! Form a belief and self-confidence that doesn’t allow other people to control how you look at yourself.

Stay Focused & Stay Boosted


PS. I will continue to add to this post over time so be sure to bookmark this page and come back. I do still plan on doing a section on Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Mindset.

That’s it for the hip-hop mindset! Go check out The Academy and take advantage of the freebies!

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