Music Album Cover Art Photoshop Template – [100% FREE TEMPLATE]

You know your album cover design should be square and you might need a parental advisory sticker but do you know the right dimensions? Are you sure you have the rights to use that parental advisory sticker?
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The “Album Art Cover Design” is arguably as important as anything else aside from the music itself. There are so many iconic album cover designs through the years that you can see the power a single visual has. Of course, I could do a massive blog post and showcase them all (which is likely to happen soon) But you’re only here for the template so let’s just discuss two of my TOP 5 RAP ALBUM COVERS OF ALL TIME. Then we’ll get to your FREE TEMPLATE.

  • Snoop - Doggystyle (1993) - In my opinion, one of the top 5 covers of all time in hip-hop. It's never confused with another artist or album. The artwork for Doggystyle stands in a category of it's own.
  • Geto Boys - We Can't Be Stopped (1991) - Another top 5 cover in the history of rap. A picture the night he was shot in the face while still in the hospital is powerful enough. But then they named the album We Can't Be Stopped. The message and follow through was perfect.

The free download file is the .zip file for the project which includes every file associated with this project. For more details on the project file, see the description below.

album cover art design

Photoshop Album Cover Design Template

By CJ Hallock, Founder

License: This template is 100% FREE TO USE FOR COMMERCIAL projects or anything you need it for! You don’t have to tag us or link to us but we would appreciate a shout out!

Download will begin when you click the button.

As I said earlier, the project file will be a “compressed” file. The compressed file or “zipped file” (.zip) is single file that can hold multiple files inside of it. Extracting the file will “unlock” the project file & reveal the project folder.

cd mockup

What's included in the "Album Cover Art" project folder?

There are a few different files inside of this project folder. 

Parental Advisory Sticker

  • Parental Advisory Sticker Photoshop Template - This is a layered template so you can customize your own sticker to match your brand if you wanted to.
  • Parental Advisory Sticker .PNG Transparent File - This is just the "Black" of the sticker with the "PARENTAL" & "EXPLICIT CONTENT" transparent to show the background. (example used above in the download section)
  • Parental Advisory Sticker .JPG Ready To Use File - This is the basic sticker that has the three horizontal sections reading in all caps PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT. This is the traditional Parental Advisory Sticker.

Album Cover Art

  • Photoshop Album Cover Art Design Template - With a resolution of 3000 x 3000 this template is made for high resolution images so you can print on your CDs if you want. It also has the Parental Advisory Sticker placed on the cover with a placeholder for your title. The rest is up to your creativity.

CD Art

  • Photoshop CD Art Design Template - This template is kind of a mock up of a CD. So you can create a design with a CD in mind, should you want to get them printed off.

CD Mockup

  • Photoshop CD Mockup - This mockup is for you to show what the CD will look like once you drop that fire!

CD Wrap Texture File

  • CD Wrap Texture .PNG File - This file can help you get an aged CD look to your album cover design. (See Image In Download Section)

I hope this has been helpful! If you are looking for a template and don’t think we have it, you can shoot me a tweet @cjhallock and request that I put it together.



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